Magdalena Salazar Palma


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Magdalena Salazar-Palma was born in Granada, Spain. She received the MS and PhD degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Technical University of Madrid, Spain, where she has been Assistant and Associate Professor at the Department of Signals, Systems and Radiocommunications. Since 2004 she is with the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain, where she has been Full Professor, head of the Department and co-director of the Radiofrequency, Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas Research Group (GREMA). She is now Emeritus Professor with teaching and research duties.

She has developed her research in a number of areas: electromagnetic field theory; advanced computational and numerical methods for microwave and millimeter wave passive components and antennas analysis and design; advanced network theory, in particular, passive devices, filters and multiplexers theory and design; antenna arrays and smart antennas; novel materials and metamaterials for the implementation of devices and antennas with improved performance (multiband, miniature size, and so on) for the new generation of communication systems; design, simulation, optimization, implementation, and measurement of microwave circuits both in waveguide and integrated (hybrid and monolithic) technologies; millimeter, submillimeter and THz frequency band technologies; radio waves propagation theory; and history of telecommunications.

She has authored or co-authored 745 publications: 8 scientific books and 30 book contributions published by international editorial companies, 14 academic books, 119 articles in scientific journals, 402 contributions for international symposia, 78 papers in national conferences, 53 project reports, 30 short courses notes, and 11 other publications. She has coauthored 2 European/USA patents and several software packages for the analysis and design of microwave and millimeter wave passive components, antennas and antenna arrays, advanced filters and multiplexers, which are under exploitation by multinational companies. She has participated (as principal investigator or researcher) in a total of 97 research projects (47) and contracts (50) financed by Spanish, European, and USA public institutions and companies. She has delivered numerous invited presentations and short courses. She received two individual research awards, and together with her Department another research award. In 2016 she got an Honorary Doctorate from Aalto University, Finland. She has received several grants and other awards and recognitions, among them the elevation to IEEE Fellow. She was the lecturer of the Inaugural Lesson of the Academic Year 2015-2016, Carlos III University of Madrid (the video recording of the opening ceremony may be seen here, with the inaugural lesson going from minute 44 to minute 78). She was interviewed by the journal BIT of the Spanish Official National Association of Telecommunication Engineers, COIT, with the interview announced in the front cover of issue 202, February 2016.

She has been member of Spain Accreditation Committee of Full Professors in Engineering and Architecture and other accreditation panels for institutions in Spain and abroad. She has assisted several Spanish agencies in the evaluation of projects, research grants applications, and so on. She has served in evaluation panels of the Commission of the European Communities, and other countries, including the National Science Foundation in USA. She has been associate editor of several scientific journals, member of the Technical Program or Organizing Committees of many international and national symposia, and reviewer for many international scientific journals, symposia, and editorial companies.

In 1989 she became member the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and was elevated to Senior Member in 2001. In November 2013, she was elevated to IEEE Fellow “for contributions to the application of numerical techniques to electromagnetic modeling”. Since 2020 she is IEEE Life Fellow. She is member of IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S), Communications Society, Education Society, Magnetics Society, Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), and Women in Engineering (WIE).

Since 1989 she has served IEEE under different volunteer positions: Vice-chair and Chair of Spain Section AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter, Spain Section Chair, Spain Section Membership Development officer, Spain Section Professional Development officer, Spain Section adviser, Region 8 Committee member, Region 8 Nominations and Appointments Subcommittee member, Region 8 Conference Coordination Subcommittee Chair, Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) member, WIEC Chair, member of Ethics and Member Conduct Committee, History Committee (both, IEEE Board of Directors, BoD, Standing Committees), MGAB (Member and Geographic Activities Board) Geographic Unit Operations Support Committee, and elected member-at-large of AP-S Administrative Committee. In 2009 she was elected as 2010 AP-S President-Elect, serving in 2011 as 2011 AP-S President and member of the Technical Activities Board (TAB), and, in 2012, as AP-S Past President, Chair of AP-S Nominations Committee and Chair of AP-S Past Presidents Council. She has also been member of AP-S Nominations Committee, Distinguished Lecturer Program Committee, Field Awards Committee, Meetings Committee, New Technology Directions Committee, and Chair of the AP-S Constitution and Bylaws Committee, the History Committee, and the Society Review Committee. In 2014 she was elected member-at-large of MTT-S Administrative Committee, where she has served as member of the Education Committee, Image and Visibility Committee, MGA Committee, Operations Committee, Publications Committee, SIGHT Ad Hoc Committee, and member and Vice-chair of Intersociety Liaison Committee. Within TAB she has been member of Division IV Nominations and Appointments Committee, TAB Society Review Committee, TAB Nominations and Appointments Committee and TAB Hall of Honor Committee, and TAB Leading Representative at the Joint MGAB/TAB/EAB (Educational Activities Board) Ad Hoc Committee on Member Development. She has also served as member of IEEE Service Awards Committee, IEEE Honorary Membership Committee (both under IEEE Awards Board), IEEE Daniel E. Noble Award in Emerging Technology, IEEE Electromagnetic Award, IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award (all three, under IEEE Technical Field Awards Council). She has also been member of IEEE SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies) Communities of Practice Subcommittee, and the IEEE Fellow Committee. She was General Chair of MGAB Sections Congress 2014, member of 2017 Sections Congress Committee and voting member of MGAB (as TAB representative).

In 2016 she was elected as IEEE Region 8 (Africa, Europe and Middle East) Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect for 2017-2018, Region 8 Delegate/Director for 2019-2020 and Region 8 Past Director for 2021-2022. She has been member and Chair of Region 8 Strategic Planning Committee, member of IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Activities in Africa, IEEE European Public Policy Committee, IEEE Awards Board and other committees under the Awards Board, MGA Strategic Planning Committee, and other MGA Committees. And Chair of MGA Awards and Recognitions Committee, and IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee.

She is now Chair of IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award and member of the IEEE Technical Field Awards Council. Within AP-S, she is now member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, History Committee, and Chair of AP-S Strategic Planning Committee. Within MTT-S she is member of Technical Committee # 15 (now #1), MGA Committee and Education Committee. And at the IEEE leadership level she is currently serving as Region 8 Director and Region 8 Committee Chair, member of the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Assembly (the IEEE main governing bodies), IEEE MGAB, IEEE Governance Committee and member of various Ad Hoc Committees reporting to the BoD and TAB.

25 May 2020


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