HOFEM: Higher-Order FEMCaptura de pantalla de HOFEM

  • Parallel simulator software based on FEM (Finite Element Method) with its own higher-order curl-conforming elements. An arbitrarily accurate mesh truncation boundary condition is used by scattering and radiation open region problems retaining the original sparse structure of the matrices.
  • Arbitrarily accurate mesh truncation technique for scattering and radiation problems.
  • User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) with flexible and remote computation capabilities.

GREMA Cluster

 HPC facilities

  • Mid-sized HPC (High Performance Computing) cluster equipped with the latest technologies and software.
  • The cluster provides more than 2 TFlops with 1 TB RAM and 16 TB HDD.
  • Computational resources flexibility with virtualization technologies.

In-house software

  • Self-adaptive hp-FEM code with exponential rates of convergence for arbitrary problems.
  • Codes implementing hybridization in a fully coupled sense of FEM, MoM (Method of Moments), PO/GO (Physical/Geometrical Optics), UTD/GTD (Uniform/Geometrical Theory of Difraction).
  • Applications for waveguide problems, antenna design, antenna placement and RCS (Radar Cross Section) prediction.In-house software

Computing Services

  • Access to HPC systems for private companies and research institutions using their own software.
  • Access to GREMA simulation software resulting in a full (hardware & software) solution.
  • Intuitive cloud computing tool for HPC systems customizable for any code under request.

Principal researchers: Luis E. García Castillo and Magdalena Salazar Palma.

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