Daniel Segovia Vargas

This curriculum covers broadly all aspects of university life: research, academic, university management and research management.

From the point of view of research and research management, the following stand out:

  1. Publications and impact index
    84 publications in magazines (77 JCR). More than 50% of the publications (50) are located in the first quartile (in the last 5 years the percentage rises to 70 %). 2157 citations (929 last 5 years). Index h: 23 (according to Google Scholar)
  2. Research projects: Total funding over 6,1M€ (until 2021)
    1. Public financing captured as PI in competitive projects: over 4.3M€ 
    2. Private financing captured as PI over 1.8 M€ (3 projects/actions stand out: Inspire-Repsol call for three projects selected from more than 70 applications; agreement with Telefónica to measure all antennas of Telefonica’s base stations; since 2003 it coordinates and imparts all RF training for INDRA, currently I hold a research “Cátedra” with Indra)
  3. Participation in European projects with funding over 1,5 M€. 8 Doctoral thesis directed (3 of them extraordinary prize and two of them awarded at UC3M)
  4. Foundation (2005) and consolidation of the Research Group of Radio Frequency, Electromagnetism, Microwave and Antennas GREMA.
  5. I have opened 6 research lines in GREMA: active antennas, metamaterials, THz technology, electromagnetic sensors, harvesting, and antenna measurements for base stations.
  6. Participation in national and international committees in both scientific committees and research evaluation agencies.
  7. Stay at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Space to start a line of THz detectors based on CMOS technology.
  8. Collaboration with developing countries (Perú, Morocco, Pakistan): one Thesis has been presented and other 4 are under development.

From the academic point of view:

  1. Teaching degree: I have taught more than 3000 hours in both Spanish and English.
  2. Postgraduate teaching: I have taught 1000 hours of postgraduate courses.
  3. I have directed 50 final projects. This means an average of almost three final projects / year. (Three of them obtained final projects prize of the COIT).
  4. Recognized 5 five-year university teaching periods.

University management:
I have gone through most of the unipersonal positions of university management to the Degree Director (6 years) and the Director of the Polytechnic School (8.5 years).

Research stays:
Cajamadrid Grant of 15000 euros, 5 months stay at the Center: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Place: Didcot, UK; Date: April 2012 – August 2012, Duration of 25 weeks, Topic: CMOS technology for Terahertz detectors and antennas.

Research management:
Member of the Commission of Electronic Technology and Communications (Radio) during 2010. ANEP reviewer since 2010. National Delegate of COST Antennas since 2002. Reviewer of the Czech Project Evaluation Agency GACH.

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