Ignacio Martínez Fernández

I worked as the system administrator of the research group HPC resources. This cluster was also used by companies which required computing power. The cluster had virtualization capabilities, to quickly switch from linux to windows if necessary. The main goal of my work was to expend the fewer time possible installing, and configuring the system, gaining the time to develop the next version of the HPC Cluster. Along the nearly 7 years of work I deployed five different versions of the cluster.
I have compatibilized studies and jobs since my 4th engineering course. And soon I expect to break this dynamic and present my PhD Thesis.
From the academic point of view, I’m interested in Finite Element Method for Electromagnetics, so I have developed MPI-Fortran codes for the HPC Cluster.
I also have other projects and interests, as founding a start-up company, of course it has the HPC thing all around, but in this case with Open Stack in the lower layers. It was a pity that the start-up project did not took off.

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