URSI 2017

Four members of this group have performed oral presentations in this conference:

  • Sergio Martín Antón: Broadband Antenna Design for New Mobile Communication Systems; Sergio Martín Antón, Daniel Segovia Vargas.
  • Ana López Yela: A high efficiency 2.45 GHz Rectenna design for electromagnetic energy harvesting; Ana López Yela, Daniel Segovia Vargas.
  • Kerlos Atia Abdalmalak: An Enhancement of the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of DYQSA Feed System; Kerlos Atia Abdalmalak, Luis Enrique García Muñoz, et al.
  • Gabriel Arturo Santamaría Botello: New mm-wave Receiver Scheme With High Photonic Efficiency; Gabriel Arturo Santamaría Botello, Kerlos Atia Abdalmalak, Daniel Segovia Vargas, Luis Enrique García Muñoz.

This conference was useful to do networking with colleagues and to enjoy the marvelous city of Cartagena, in Murcia (Spain). Moreover, Kerlos and Gabriel defended their work to win URSI 2017 Prize for their outstanding work, and they got the second place!

This conference was fun! We hope to see you in other conferences around the world!


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