Why Posidonia?

  • Notification when a simulation ends and automatic download of results.
  • Automatization of tedious tasks such as the use of command line or the upload and download of files.
  • Repository of jobs.
  • Same security as the manual way.
  • User-friendly.
  • Efficient tool: without active waitings.
  • Mobile and multi-platform: HPCaaS (High Performance Computing as a Service).
  • Adaptable.

Why would I use Posidonia in my HPC system?

  • Very easy to use for a novice user.
  • Light-weight installation in the system.
  • Same security as the manual way.
  • Different profiles for different kinds of users.

Why would I learn a new tool if I already know how to use a HPC system?

  • The training time is much fewer than the time saved on tedious and repetitive tasks.
  • The tool can be easily adapted to different applications and programs.
  • Keep your jobs organized and easily accessible with its repository of jobs.

What is the scenario considered for Posidonia?

  • The most generic possible:

Scenario considered in Posidonia






  • Use of secure protocols SSH and SCP.
  • DRMS: Distributed Resource Management System.
  • Compatible with VPN.

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